Night Market to kick off tonight with fireworks

The organisers of the Night Market have said that unlike other years, this year’s Night Market will kick off tonight with fireworks and a record number of stalls.

The Night Market is held before Ramadan every year.

General Manager of Go Media Maldives, the group organising the Night Market, Ibrahim Amir told Sun Online today that the biggest Night Market to date with 765 stalls will commence with fireworks conducted by Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) at 20:30 tonight.

The Night Market will go on from tonight until 15 June from 16:00 to 00:00 every day.

A total of 450 groups will be represented in the market this year.

Go Media said that the stalls have been arranged from Tuscaloosa all the way up to Tsunami Monument, and from Usfasgandu up to the petrol shed at the swimming track.

Ibrahim Amir said that numerous products will be sold at affordable prices by small and large companies, at this year’s market. He said that the market will also include four restaurants and a food court.

The Night Market, better known as ‘Ungulhey Bazaar’ due to the large crowd it lures, was previously organised by the Maldives Chamber of Commerce. Following differences in opinions between them and Male’ City Council, the City Council decided to commission the organisation of the market to a private group.