Singapore accepts Maldives Halal certification

The sole custodian of Halal certification in Singapore, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, has accepted the Maldives Halal certification, Ministry of Islamic Affairs said on Saturday.

Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs Dr Aishath Muneeza told Sun Online that the recognition was declared on Friday and that Singapore is the first country to accept the Maldives Halal certification.

Dr Muneeza said that the approval by Singapore’s Halal certification body was issued for a period of three years, and added that the recognition will serve to improve international consumer confidence in Maldivian products.

“The recognition of Maldives Halal logo by Singapore is an international acknowledgement. The Gulf Cooperation Council and ASEAN countries will now begin to trust the Maldives Halal logo. This will also benefit the Maldivian economy and open international markets for Maldivian Halal certified products,” said Dr Muneeza.

The Maldives Halal certification is issued to local food products by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs after investigation by the Ministry’s Halal-Haram committee to confirm that food is produced according to Islamic standards.