IBM halts delivery of Taza brand water to households due to immense demand

Photo shows workers if Island Beverages Maldives working to deliver water to households in the capital. The capital Male' City was placed under lockdown for a period of 14-days following confirmed cases of Covid-19 on April 15, 2020. (Photo/IBM)

Island Beverages Maldives (IBM) has decided to halt the delivery of Taza brand water bottle cases to households in the capital due to the immense number of orders.

The company will now be delivering water cases to shops and vessels traveling to other areas of the country as the capital of the city undergoes a 14-day period of lockdown.

The company stated that the unprecedented levels of orders meant that a lot of difficulties were faced for home deliveries.

“The company would, however, work to provide the highest number of supply to seagoing vessels from other islands and shops in the capital to ensure that difficulties are not faced in obtaining water.” Read a statement by the company.

Shops that wish to register as customers can do so via the company website and customers are also advised to continue with water delivery services by contacting shops. The company is also working to supply water cases to islands in the country.

Around 100 employees of IBM have taken to the streets to commence delivery works. The employees of the company were joined by the company's Managing Director as well. The delivery orders were so high that the company had to request assistance from the Police for the work. The orders were so high that the company had to move away from orders via Viber to an online form system.