Second virus patient being treated with a ventilator

Photo shows the entrance of the Dharumavantha complex of IGMH. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) has announced that another COVID-129 patient is being treated with a ventilator.

Speaking in a press conference underway right now, NEOC medical officer Dr. Ibrahim Afzal stated that the patient is a 70-year old individual and is being treated at the Dharumavantha Hospital’s DH11 facility.

Another patient aged 88-years is also being treated at the same facility with a ventilator. The condition of both patients are severe, said the doctor.

Currently, six patients are being treated at the facility specialized for respiratory diseases. They include an 80-year old individual who is receiving treatment from an external oxygen supply.

The Maldives has now confirmed 573 cases of the virus.