Immigration releasing passports submitted for Visa purposes

Immigration Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain speaking after a ceremony held in the Maldives Immigration Office on February 25, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Passports submitted for Visa purposes to the Maldives Immigration are being released.

Spokesperson of Immigrations stated to Sun that the passports being released now were those submitted before the lockdown order was placed in the capital Male’ City on April 15.

Visa applications are currently halted due to the ongoing situation with the virus in the country.

The spokesperson stated that 164 passports were released yesterday alone. They included passports for 150 work visa applications and nine others for various other visas.

94 passports were released today. They include 85 applications for work visas and nine for dependent visas.

An Indian naval vessel had repatriated 202 Indian nationals last week from the Maldives. Another Indian vessel is also expected to arrive for a similar mission this Friday.

A lot of European nationals in the Maldives will also be repatriated back to their home nations on the same day.