STO announces sale of 70,000 sacks of staple items

Photo shows migrant workers loading sacks of staple food items onto a lorry from the STO go down. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

STO has announced the sale of 70,000 sacks of staple food items in the last month.

Hussain Amru, Managing Director of STO said that the amount of staple food items being transported to other islands from the capital had substantially increased in Ramadan this year when compared with previous years. 

Amru added that long term planning had led to the construction of extra storage facilities and supply of staple items, which meant that no shortages were faced in the food supply.

He also said that the number of food items being transported to islands would be available from the STO website. Any shortages faced in any island was clarified by the company by contacting the Council of that island.

“The biggest challenge we faced was the quarantine of 200 of our employees. We faced disruptions to delivery due to this, but we managed to restart operations in a single day,”

“I would like to note the assistance of Road Corporation staff and Male’ City Council for the delivery work.” Said Amru.

The Managing Director said that 980 employees of STO were working on the frontlines even now. He added that the company and its staff would work tirelessly to provide services to citizens since a lot of essential services were connected with STO.