WHO donates additional 10,000 test kits for COVID-19

A ceremony held on June 8, 2020, to receive 10,000 kits by the WHO. The kits were received by Health Minister Abdulla Ameen (R). (Photo/Health Ministry)

World Health Organization (WHO) has donated an additional 10,000 kits to the Maldives for COVID-19.

The kits were received by Health Minister Abdulla Ameen in a ceremony y held today.

The health organization has now donated more than 41,000 test kits to the Maldives for the virus. The office of the organization in the Maldives also affirmed that test kits would be provided to the Maldives without any disruptions and that it was also working to increase the number of kits provided.

WHO is also working to establish testing arrangements in different regions of the country in addition to sourcing other medical equipment.

Minister Ameen stated at the ceremony today that the most difficult aspect in overcoming the virus was the testing process. He also thanked the WHO for the test kits it provided today.

“WHO is assisting the most in establishing testing facilities within atolls. During a time when the whole world was facing difficulties in obtaining test kits, the process is made a lot easier with the help of WHO.” said the Minister.