CG: Customs will not accept actions that violate integrity

Commissioner General of Customs Abdulla Shareef .

Commissioner General of Customs Abdulla Shareef said on Saturday reaffirmed his commitment towards preserving the integrity of Maldives Customs Service, stating that actions which violate integrity will not be condoned by the institution.

He made the remark in his address on occasion of the 130th anniversary of Maldives Customs Service.

In his address, Shareef appealed to Customs’ officers to be honest and loyal in the execution of their duties.

He also commended the Customs’ officers for remaining steadfast in guarding Maldives’ borders even amid the dangers posed by the coronavirus pandemic, and thanked the officers for their dedication and hard work.

Customs’ officers who left their families to work in isolation in order to ensure the continuity of Customs’ services amid the state of public health emergency, those who worked from home, those were engaged in checking passengers in and out of the airport, and those who worked as volunteers at the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) have been commended and presented with certificates of appreciation.