Police investigate live caller who threatened to light President on fire

Channel 13 logo and board outside its offices. (Sun Photo/Ali Naseer)

Police have begun investigating into a statement made by an individual on a live program of Channel 13, calling to light the body of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on fire. 

An individual who called the ‘Rayyithunge Adu’ program of Channel 13 said that the President should be lit on fire. 

“I think that the President should be lit on fire right now.” Said a caller.

The individual from Th. Vilufushi was responding to a question by the hosts regarding the operations of the current administration. Video footage of the incident has gone rife on social media. Many have even questioned whether the comment could be attributed to terrorism.

Police said that the matter had been brought to their attention and that they were looking into it. Maldives Broadcasting Commission (Broadcom) has also begun an inquiry into the matter.

Channel 13 later issued a statement apologizing for the comment. A Facebook post by the channel read that the individual was speaking based on his own opinion and that the phone call was interrupted the moment that the individual spoke in the manner. 

The channel apologized for broadcasting the statement and said that the channel did not condone such behavior that could lead to violence. The channel said that it wanted to bring this fact to the attention of its viewers.