2 arrested after violence in Fuvahmulah

People drive along the ring road of Fuvahmulah City. (File Photo/Sun)

Maldives Police Service has made two arrests in connection to a violent altercation which took place in Fuvahmulah in August.

A police spokesperson confirmed that two suspects – a 25-year-old Maldivian man and a 21-year-old Maldivian man – were arrested under court order this Saturday for assaulting and engaging in violence against a person in Fuvahmulah on August 28.

The two suspects, when presented before court for their remand hearing, were ordered to be remanded in custody of the police for the investigation in a facility determined by the Home Ministry for 10 days.

Sun has been informed one of the suspects is Ahmed Farash, who participated in the second season of Maldivian Idol. The second suspect is Farash’s younger brother.

The victim’s family told Sun that the violence took place after a member of their family called and messaged Farash’s younger sister seeking a contact number for Farash’a younger brother.

“The call was picked up by the young woman’s husband. He spoke very rudely. It was a little past midnight at the time. Maybe that’s why he got angry. He spoke very rudely and asked why he was calling for the number at that hour. And then he yelled. And my brother also yelled back,” said a female family member who spoke to Sun.

Farash’s younger brother contacted the man approximately 10 minutes later from an unknown number, and said he was on his way to their residence to talk. Six men came on three motorcycles, and argued over an issue with some leaked videos – which the family said, had been a longstanding issue between the two parties.

The family member said that they asked Farash to go away when he began using foul language.

“And amidst the argument, Farash first hit our younger brother, and it was at this point that the fight broke out,” she said.

She said that one of the men who came with Farash, and she herself tried intervene to stop Farash, but that he hit her in the chest leaving her struggling to catch her breath for approximately 10 minutes.

She said that at that point, her mother came out of the house and also attempted to stop Farash, but was shoved aside by him.

She said that the men left after their stepfather called the police, and that Farash threated their younger brother and said “don’t you dare come to Male’” before leaving.

The victim suffered injuries to his hands and legs, as well as his back, in the attack.

The police have taken statements from the family.

Meanwhile, Farash’s younger brother has told the press that the fight was instigated by the victim, and denied attacking any women.

The case is under further investigation by the police.