3,068 complaints lodged regarding Hiyaa housing units

Towers built under the Hiyaa Housing Project in Hulhumale'. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

 The presidential committee established to review previous government’s housing projects has begun addressing the complaints lodged regarding the tentative list of tenants under four categories of the Hiyaa Housing Project.

The committee finished evaluation of applications for four categories, and released tentative lists of tenants on August 24.

Tentative lists were released for:

  • H4 (Category for doctors and nurses)
  • H5 (Category for teachers)
  • H8 (Category for registered residents of Male’)
  • H10 (Category for persons with disabilities and their families)

The opportunity to lodge complaints regarding the tentative lists closed on Monday, September 14.

The committee announced this Tuesday that they received 3,068 complaints regarding the tentative lists.

The committee received 2,430 complaints from applicants regarding the points they were awarded, 140 complaints regarding points other applicants were awarded, 57 complaints regarding disqualifications, 85 complaints regarding information on “additional comments” section, 78 complaints regarding misinformation, and 278 complaints regarding various other issues.

While the committee has now begun reviewing the complaints, they have announced that they will take the complaints into consideration when finalizing the lists.