COVID-19: 25 MNDF officers quarantined in Gan test positive

L. Gan.

25 officers from Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) in home quarantine in L. Gan after travelling from Male’ City to undergo training have tested positive for COVID-19.

Gan Regional Hospital’s manager Ali Nasheed told Sun on Saturday that 93 MNDF officers in quarantine in Gan have been tested, and that the results on 25 of them came back positive.

Results on 24 remain pending, but the rest tested negative.

Ali Nasheed said the MNDF officers were quarantined in a non-residential area, and that they do not have any contacts except for fellow officers.

“Two of them had been treated at the hospital after falling sick. But all safety measures were in place. I therefore have to say there is no risk of transmission to the local population,” he said.

Ali Nasheed said that all 25 officers who tested positive are in stable condition.