Minister: The remedy for healthcare system is decentralization

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem. (Photo/PSM)

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem has stated that Maldives needs to decentralize its healthcare system in order to put the country in the correct course.

In an exclusive interview to Public Service Media (PSM), Naseem said that given the scattered geographical disposition of Maldives, the best way to ensure easy access to healthcare services is through decentralization.

He said that the government’s vision for decentralization of the healthcare system involves having specialized healthcare services available in different regions.

Naseem said that the development of the domestic transport system is crucial for decentralization of the healthcare system.

“The Housing Ministry and MTCC are drawing up plans to establish a system which allows for easy travel between islands as we speak,” he said.

Naseem said that once the domestic transport system is developed, it will bring an end to the need to hire private speedboats to travel to islands for healthcare services, and bring about multiple benefits.

“I have been informed the plan is to have boats specialized for this very purpose in the Maldivian seas,” he said.

Naseem said the current government came to power after identifying the concerns of the people, and equipped with plans and manifestos to address the concerns.

He said that the government is well-versed in the failings of the healthcare system and prepared to remedy the failings.