Child injured after motorcycle collision in Dhaandhoo

G. A. Dhaandhoo.

A three-year old child has been badly injured in G. A. Dhaandhoo after a motorcycle collision. 

The child identified as a small girl is to be transported to Male' City for further treatment due to the serious nature of her injuries.

Dhaandhoo Council President Ismail Mohamed said that accident happened after the driver of a motorcycle traveling at high speed on the outer road of the island lost control. The motorcycle then collided into the girl who was on the doorstep of a residence on the road. 

The driver of the motorcycle has been identified as a 19-year old male. Bystanders ssaid that the girl had been thrown away from the impact and landed heavily. 

The child suffered injuries to the head as well as her thigh, according to the Council President. 

She was initially transported to the Atoll Hospital in G. A. Villingili. The child is reportedly from the souther city of Fuvahmulah and was in Dhaandhoo with her family for her holidays. 

Two individuals were on the motorcycle at the time of the accident. The 18-year old male who was on the backseat reportedly jumped off before the accident and received some injuries as well. 

The driver suffered serious injuries and is to be transported to Villingili.

The Council President expressed despair that the child and her family were the victims of the incident.

Police have since confirmed the accident which happened around 18:10. Police specified that the driver did not have a valid driver's license.