WAMCO fined MVR 1 million for waste disposal into lagoon

WAMCO vehicles offload waste for transport to K. Thilafushi. (File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has pressed Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) with a MVR 1.13 million fine for repeated cases of waste disposal into the lagoon during their operations.

EPA imposed the penalty on WAMCO under the Waste Management Regulation on Monday.

Waste management companies such as WAMCO are required to adhere to the Waste Management Regulation and seek approvals from EPA for their operations.

The MVR 1.13 million fine on WAMCO comes after EPA recently imposed a MVR 83,750 fine on Villa Shipping and Trading Company Private Limited for illegal mining of sand from B. Dhigufaru.

EPA also recently imposed a MVR 20,000 fine on N. Manadhoo Council for illegal clearance of vegetation.