Dhiffushi under monitoring mechanisms after detection of COVID-19 cases

An aerial shot of K. Dhiffushi.

The island of K. Dhiffushi has been placed under monitoring mechanisms after two people who recently traveled to the island of R. Ungoofaaru tested positive for COVID-19. 

The island of Ungoofaaru is home to the regional hospital and is frequented by people traveling for healthcare from the central region of the Maldives. Earlier today, the island of Lh. Naifaru was also placed under monitoring mechanisms after cases connected to Ungoofaaru tested positive on the island. 

Dhiffushi Council Vice President Ibrahim Mubassir said to Sun that those who tested positive from the island are two people from the same family. They were tested positive after sampling conducted on everyone who traveled to Ungoofaaru were tested for the virus. 

"31 from the island who traveled to Ungoofaaru are in quarantine. All of them were tested for the virus. Two tested positive," said Mubassir. 

The two that tested positive from the island traveled to Ungoofaaru for medical reasons on March 3.

"People from this island travel to Ungoofaaru for medical reasons. The positive cases traveled to Ungoofaaru. Out of 30, two tested positive. After the HPA informed everyone who traveled to Ungoofaaru to go into quarantine, they have also remained in quarantine since then," said Mubassir. 

The positive cases have been identified as a woman and a child. They did not exhibit any symptoms of the virus and only tested for being released from home-quarantine. 

Contact tracing efforts on the island are now underway.

The Maldives has so far confirmed more than 22,500 cases of the virus with 2,447 active cases currently recorded.