Court orders in cases involving foreigners can be issued in English

Supreme Court. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Supreme Court has instructed courts in Maldives that they may issue court orders involving foreign nationals in English language.

In a practice direction issued on Monday, Supreme Court said that court orders involving parties in locations outside the jurisdiction of the court may be issued in English language.

This includes court orders involving parties, objects or vessels outside the jurisdiction of Maldivian courts and in or outside of Maldivian territorial waters.

Supreme Court said it is allowing the issuance of court orders in English language because it believes it important that court orders involving foreign nationals should be issued in a language they understand.

The court said orders issued in English language must also fulfil the requirements on regulation on criminal trial procedures, and follow the same format as orders issued in Dhivehi language.

Practice regulations are issued by top courts instruct on and regulate details of procedures.

Maldivian courts usually issue court orders in Dhivehi language. However, the Supreme Court released a translation of one of its orders in English language on February 1, 2018.