Male’ councilwoman Nahula accused of orchestrating threats against fellow councilors

Male' City councilwoman Nahula Ali. (Photo/Facebook/Nahula Ali)

Male’ City Council has made the decision to request Local Government Authority (LGA) to investigate and take action against Nahula Ali, the councilor elected for the Vilimale’ seat, over allegations she orchestrated threats against several other councilors.

The complaint against Nahula was lodged with Male’ City Council by Saif Mohamed Fathih, who represents the North Galolhu constituency.

At a meeting last week, Mariyam Reehan Nazim, who represents the Central Galolhu constituency, presented a motion to accept the complaint and ask LGA to investigate and take action against Nahula. The motion was seconded by Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh.

According to the complaint, a group of councilors who went to suburban Vilimale’ on council work were threatened and prevented from fulfilling their duties by a group of people claiming to be working at Nahula’s orders.

The motion to request LGA to investigate and take action against Nahula passed with the vote of 16 out of 17 councilors in attendance at the meeting. Only one councilor voted against the motion.

Nahula was not immediately available for comment regarding the allegation.