Hirilandhoo placed under monitoring mechanisms once again

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assures that land reclamation project of Th. Hirilandhoo will proceed as planned. (Photo/Sun/File)

Subsequent to a person testing positive at Th. Hirilandhoo, the island has been brought under monitoring mechanisms by health authorities.

Speaking to Sun today, Hirilandhoo Council Member Mohamed Sajidh had told that they were informed that the individual had tested positive after a sample taken following the exhibition of symptoms by the individual was sent to Male’ for testing.

“The sample was taken and sent to Male’ for testing on August 8. We got the results today – and it had come back positive. The individual is a 30-year-old youth from this island,” he had said.

This is the second time Hirilandhoo has been brought under monitoring mechanisms. The first time had been on May 6 – when an individual had tested positive for COVID-19.

Along with Hirilandhoo, there are 13 islands under monitoring mechanisms at present. They are

  • R. Dhuvaafaru
  • Sh. Foakaidhoo
  • GDh. Nadella
  • K. Kaashidhoo
  • HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
  • M. Kolhufushi
  • Sh. Feevah
  • HA. Thakandhoo
  • Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
  • R. Ungoofaaru
  • L. Fonadhoo
  • AA. Himandhoo
  • Th. Hirilandhoo