Fuvahmulah placed under monitoring mechanisms for a third time

Aerial view of Fuvahmulah City. (Photo/ZuBlu)

Two weeks after being removed from monitoring mechanisms, Fuvahmulah City has been placed under monitoring mechanisms once again. This is the third time the city has been placed under monitoring mechanisms.

The last time Fuvahmulah was brought under monitoring mechanisms was back in May. Following this, monitoring mechanisms at the city were lifted after three long months, on August 5.

Nevertheless, random samples being taken from the island had been coming back positive even at the time monitoring mechanisms were lifted.

Member of Fuvahmulah Council Ibrahim Mohamed had told Sun that the Council was informed that the island was placed under monitoring mechanisms once again by HPA some time last night.

Ibrahim Mohamed further detailed that the disease continues to spread in the city rapidly – whereas the number of active cases currently stands at 163.

However, he noted that none of the patients were being treated as in-patients at hospitals.

Ibrahim Mohamed also added that the Council will ensure that the residents adhere to all precautionary guidelines recommended by HPA – in order to curb the spread of the disease.

Along with Fuvahmulah City, 19 islands in the Maldives are currently under monitoring mechanisms. They are:

  • R. Dhuvaafaru
  • K. Kaashidhoo
  • Sh. Feevah 
  • HA. Thakandhoo
  • Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
  • AA. Himandhoo
  • HDh. Makunudhoo
  • B. Eydhafushi
  • B. Kamadhooo
  • ADh. Hangaameedhoo
  • HDh. Nellaidhoo
  • HA. Ihavandhoo
  • GDh. Thinadhoo
  • ADh. Dhangethi 
  • GA. Maamendhoo