MP seeks justice for President Ameen’s death through Transitional Justice Office

President Mohamed Ameen Didi in Egypt.

 An MDP parliamentarian has filed a case with the Office of the Office of Ombudsperson for Transitional Justice seeking justice for the death of Mohamed Ameen Didi – the first President of Maldives. 

The case was submitted by Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde), citing loss of fundamental human rights due to systemic abuse by state institutions. 

Bonde said it needs to be made more clear how the state treated Ameen. 

He also requested to overturn Ameen’s conviction as a traitor. 

Ameen served as President of Maldives for eight months – between January 1953 and August 1953. He was removed from power and banished to Vihamanaafushi Island – now Kurumba Island Resort – where he died in January 1954. 

The Office of Ombudsperson for Transitional Justice is mandated with identifying and investigating systemic human rights violations by state institutions.