President: Government has not, and will not obstruct freedom of expression

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on Wednesday that his administration has always strived to safeguard the rights of the people, and has not, and will not obstruct freedom of expression. 

He made the remark in an address on occasion of International Day of Democracy. 

President Solih said that his administration has always ensured that all rights stipulated under the Maldivian Constitution are being upheld. 

“And especially, the administration will not obstruct the freedom to criticize and express opinions regarding the affairs of the state in any way. The administration gives special prominence to ensuring complete transparency in all works carried out by the government, ensuring access to information, and upholding the principles of democracy,” he said. 

President Solih said that Maldives is getting accustomed to modern democracy in the political arena, and learning about citizen roles. 

“The most important right to all is the freedom of expression towards the government stipulated under the Maldivian Constitution. I am confident the Maldivian people will remain steadfast in upholding the principles and standards of democracy established in Maldives in order to exercise this right to the fullest,” he said.  

President Solih said that his administration will always respect the rights stipulated under law, and will always strive to ensure that the democratic rights of the people are safeguarded first and foremost, under all circumstances.  

He said that the goal of commemorating an International Day of Democracy is to ensure public engagement in a country's affairs.