President seeks counsel from MDP MPs on ‘22 budget

Discussions between President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (L) and MDP parliamentarians regarding the projected state budget for 2022 on October 19, 2021. (Photo/Mohamed Mabrook Azeez)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has sought counsel from MDP parliamentarians regarding the projected state budget for 2022, which is being readied for submission to the Parliament. 

The President concluded serial discussions with parliamentarians from the main government coalition partner MDP regarding the 2022 budget on Tuesday. 

President’s Office spokesperson Mohamed Mabrook Azeez said the discussions focused of three key areas; potential PCIP (Public Sector Investment Program) projects for the upcoming year, the President’s electoral pledges, and projected income and expenditure. 

The Parliament passed an MVR 34.79 billion budget this year, with a projected income and grants of MVR 17.79 - meaning a deficit of MVR 15.50 billion. 

A parliamentary committee later amended the budget to MVR 34.92 billion. Income rose above initial projections to MVR 21 billion, lowering the deficit to MVR 12.3 million. 

The amendment was made following discussions with Finance Ministry.