15 students successfully complete Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program

A capture from Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program graduation ceremony held on November 28, 2021. (Sun Photo/Aiman Ali)


Fifteen students have successfully completed Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program; an educational and training program conducted annually for the preparation of youths for a work environment and building their skillsets.

Certificate of completion for the students who graduated was handed over by Vice President Faisal Naseem, at a special ceremony held in CROSSROADS on Sunday night.

In contrast to the previous years, the Apprenticeship Program of last year was conducted online. Dhiraagu said that the induction, as well as the training component, was conducted virtually.

Although the training was conducted virtually, Dhiraagu said that this batch of students was provided more opportunities to work on the frontlines. They also noted that each student was paired with a mentor, to provide adequate support and assistance that they may require.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dhiraagu’s CEO Ismail Rasheed said that the Apprenticeship Program has been proven a success – adding that research shows that almost all students who have completed the program are currently employed in significant posts.

Dhiraagu's CEO Ismail Rasheed speaks at Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program graduation ceremony held on November 28, 2021. (Sun Photo/Aiman Ali)

He said that students who are not employed at the moment are either abroad for further studies or are carrying out their own businesses.

“I have no doubt that this program is a very successful program. That is why, I encourage all graduates here today, to make the best use of the opportunities opened for them,” he had said.

Dhiraagu’s Apprenticeship Program is an initiative under its Corporate Social Responsibility – which is designed to provide youths with the skillset and knowledge needed for work environments of specific disciplines. Participants are paid for their work experience, giving them a chance to earn while learning.

The official courses included in the Apprenticeship Program comprises of Soft Skills Development, Ethics, Time Management, Communication Skills, Writing good CVs and interview skills, amongst others.

Areas in which work opportunities are provided under the Apprenticeship Program include Marketing, Procurement and Stores, Sales, Customer Services, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems and Engineering, amongst others.

Dhiraagu reiterated that they will be providing similar chances for Maldivian youths to develop themselves in the future as well.