MTCC establishes system that notifies in real-time when buses speeds

Photo shows an MTCC bus traveling on Sinamale' bridge. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has established a system that notifies in real-time when buses exceed the set speed limits.

Speaking at a television program broadcasted by Sangu TV on Thursday night regarding the works of the company, MTCC’s Chief Operating Officer Shahid Hussain said that the system was established sometime last week.

“At present, each bus has a phone with a certain software installed on. Our Land Transport Division’s operations can notice if a bus is being driven too fast in real-time through this phone,” he had said.

Noting that some buses especially drives faster than the set speed limit on the highway and the bridge previously, Shahid said that is a bus is travelling faster than 50k/h, it will now be immediately notified.

Shahid also stressed individuals working as bus drivers and conductors are regularly instructed on the dangers of speeding.

Therefore, Shahid said that the number of buses speeding now will be significantly decreased. He also assured that matters which calls for improvement in terms of road safety, will be addressed.

Speaking further, Shahid said the bus fleet they currently have is not adequate to provide services to Hulhumale’ Phase 2.

Shahid detailed that around 2000 individuals commute between Hulhumale’ Phase 1 and Hulhumale’ Phase 2, with over 10,000 people commuting between Male’, Hulhumale’ and the airport.

Thus, he said that efforts were underway to add new buses to the fleet.