May 6 trials: Ali Manik gets five years; Thasleem acquitted

Abdulla Ali Manik, 49, Bahaaruge, HA. Molhadhoo and Mohamed Thasleem, Alanaasige, HA. Hoarafushi.

Criminal Court, on Sunday, found Abdulla Ali Manik, 49, Bahaaruge, HA. Molhadhoo, guilty of the charges raised against him in connection to the terror attack on Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed on May 6, 2021.

Ali Manik was arrested in connection to the case on May 18, 2021. He was charged with supporting a terrorist organization under Article 16-1 (b) of the Counter-Terrorism Act with reference to Article 16-1 (a) (1). 

At the time of his arrest, he had been free after being pardoned by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on a conviction related to propagating extremist religious ideologies.

However, Mohamed Thasleem, Alanaasige, HA. Hoarafushi was charged alongside him on the same charges, was acquitted.  

Thasleem was arrested from Addu City on July 24. He is believed by police to have played a key role in planning the attack, and in convincing the others involved that Nasheed needed to be killed. 

As per the law, the punishment for the charge against Ali Manik is between three to five years in prison. By deducting the period he has already spent in custody following his arrest, he will only have to serve two years and 29 months.

Ali Manik was imprisoned in connection to the violence in HA. Himandhoo back in 2007. He was found guilty of involvement with a group of separatists who propagated extremist religious ideologies in Himandhoo, and faced off with the security forces armed with wooden bats, sharpened metal rods and machetes.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in connection to the Himandhoo violence in 2008. He escaped from prison twice during that time.

The terror attack targeting Nasheed with a homemade remote-controlled IED took place on May 6, 2021. Nasheed sustained multiple shrapnel wounds, while three members of his security detail and two bystanders sustained minor wounds.