SS Media signs as media partner for Affan’s first show in 5 years

SS Media signs as media partner for Ismail Affan's 'Feshun' concert on October 24, 2023. (Sun Photo/Aaish Ashraf)

SS Media has signed as the media partner for ‘Feshun’ - musician Ismail Affan’s first live concert by in five years.

The partnership agreement was signed on Tuesday.

Affan told Sun that ‘Feshun’ – which will kick off at the Olympus Cinema at 08:00 pm Friday – makes for a special concert in a number of ways.

It is Affan’s first concert in five years, and he will entertain fans with live performances of all his songs.

“It will all be originals in this show. I don’t think listeners have ever seen me perform all my songs from one stage. They will get to listen to practically all my songs in this show,” he said.

It is also the first time Affan is performing with such a large number of artists – 16.

Ismail Affan. (Sun Photo/Aaish Ashraf)

“Igyan and Yaani will perform in the opening. Both these artists will perform in this show,” he said.

Affan will also perform, for the first time, the song he sang for movie star Niuma Mohamed’s latest movie – ‘Khalhaki.’

Tickets for the concert are available from the Olympus Cinema, Jazz Café, Meraki, Coffee State, and Family Room and 1981 Café in Hulhumale’.

The price is MVR 300.

“The tickets are selling out. There’s just a few left now – 70 or 80. So get your tickets as soon as you can,” said Affan.