Hearing adjourned as Democrats ask for more time to prepare

Bench of Justices Hearing MDP Petition to Supreme Court.

The first hearing the Supreme Court case filed by MDP as the no-confidence motion against the Speaker of Parliament remained stalled was adjourned after The Democrats, who intervened in the case, requested additional time for elaborate their arguments. 

While the first hearing of the case was held today, and when The Democrats' motion was allowed the party's lawyer Abdulla Shahir said the party received the documents at 10:30 pm last night. After reviewing the documents, he said, he found that The Democrats needed to make a number of amendments to their submissions to the court.

“We consider this case as something that the Supreme Court of Maldives does not have jurisdiction to rule on procedurally. We want to submit some more things regarding this case," he said.

Therefore, he asked for an opportunity to present the Democrats' proposals tomorrow.

"We will be ready to respond in detail by 9am tomorrow," the lawyer said.

Presiding Justice Mahaz Ali Zahir noted that the Democrats had included the procedural issue when they submitted their forms yesterday. However, lawyer Shahir said The Democrats had initially filed the case based on information received from the media without receiving details of MDP's motion.

"There are similarities, but we have submitted based on an estimate," the lawyer said.

He added that The Democrats' detailed documents will be sent by 12 pm tonight.

In response to the party's request, Justice Mahaz asked the Democrats' motion to be prepared for the hearing to be held at 9 am tomorrow.

"At the same time, I would like to say that this case is in the first instance of the Supreme Court and I do not want anyone to go as if they need more time and knowingly, is not given time. At the same time, the issue ahead is also a sensitive issue and we have to address it in both ways,” Justice Mahaz said.

At the hearing, Justice Mahaz said he was working to conduct the hearings simultaneously and conclude the case as soon as possible.

The issue of Nasheed's dismissal was first put on the agenda last week Sunday. However, the case could not be continued that week as Eva was absent due to her being ill. This week, she said she did not believe she could preside over the sitting as MDP has taken the matter to the Supreme Court.

The parliamentary administration has since said it will not put the no-confidence motion on the agenda until the relevant case in the Supreme Court is resolved.