First 14 weeks of new administration to be counted including holidays

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. (Photo/President's Office)

The President’s Office states the newly sworn-in President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s administration’s first 14 weeks (98 days) will be counted including the government holidays, citing the president's goal is to ensure each day is a day where results are produced.

Each administration takes office with various pledges lined up for the first 100 days in office. Former president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration assumed office with multiple pledges lined up to be accomplished within the first 100 days. After failing to honor some of those pledges within the timeframe – the former administration said they counted the first 100 days excluding government holidays.

President Muizzu, ahead of taking oath, announced important pledges for the first 100 days. They included initiating efforts to remove Indian military personnel based on Maldivian soil, appealing the decision by ITLOS, in the maritime dispute between Maldives-Mauritius, to recover the lost maritime area, in addition to including fertility treatments under Aasandha, setting baseline prices for basic food necessitates and efforts to improve the economy.

Ibrahim Khaleel, the Minister of Strategic Communications at the President’s Office, told Sun on Sunday that President Muizzu’s goal was to ensure each day is a day whereby work is done to produce results.

He added that the administration will disclose the progress achieved in honoring its first 14 weeks pledges, and also provide explanations if they have failed to honor a pledge.

While Muizzu took oath of office on Friday, he had spent Saturday, a government holiday, engaged in various works. In this regard, he held meetings with foreign delegations who had traveled to the Maldives for his inauguration and also attended the ceremony held last night to inaugurate the new clocktower in Maafannu district.