Govt. to review MDP administration's housing recipient lists

Housing Minister Dr. Ali Haidar speaks to press on November 20, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

Housing Minister Dr. Ali Haidar states that the government will review the list of recipients of flats and land released during the former administration if there are any complaints regarding them.

In a press conference on Monday, Haidar said President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu had decided to proceed with the flats and lands issued before the first round of the presidential elections.

He said that the flats and lands issued between the first and second round of the election will be reviewed if there are any complaints.

Haidar said the new administration does not accept the housing that was issued after Muizzu won the election, as the former administration had done it despite the fact that Muizzu, as the president-elect, had asked them to suspend the issuance of housing during the transitional period.

“Therefore, this administration does not wish to respect any land or flat or any housing issued from that point on,” he said.

Haidar said the current administration has major housing projects planned for Gulhifalhu, Giraavarufalhu, as well as Male’ and Hulhumale’.

But the former administration had no plan when it issued land from these places, he said.

Haidar said the current administration finds this unacceptable.

“Its just squares. Theres no space for services or any empty space. I believe issuing land in this manner, by just drawing some squares, will be a hardship for the people who will be living there,” he said.