Maldivians no longer required to fill traveler declaration form

An immigration counter at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Immigration has announced that Maldivian citizens are no longer required to fill out the traveler declaration form when they travel in or out of the Maldives.

The decision was made by the Controller General of Immigration Mohamed Sham’aan Waheed on Monday, and is effective immediately.

According to Maldives Immigration, the decision was made to facilitate an improved traveler experience.

The travel declaration form was introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. It needed to be filled via Immigration’s IMUGA portal, and travelers were required to disclose a lot of personal information.

This was also practiced in several foreign countries, but was discontinued after the pandemic.

Immigration said that Sham’aan – who was appointed as the Controller General of Immigration on Sunday – made the decision to discontinue the traveler declaration form due to complaints regarding the form being a nuisance while traveling.

Maldives Immigration aims to provide convenient immigration services to the public, said the agency.