Gais dismissed as STO’s director

Mohamed Gais who was dismissed as a director of State Trading Organization (STO).

Mohamed Gais, a member of the State Trading Organization (STO)’s board of directors, was dismissed from his post yesterday.

A media official from STO said Gais, who was appointed a director during the former administration, was dismissed from his post on Saturday.

Gais was appointed to the post on May 19, 2019.

Major changes have been made to the senior management of state-owned companies after the new administration took office.

The six members on STO’s board of directors following the dismissal of Gais are;

  • Chairman Amir Mansoor,
  • CEO, Managing Director Shimad Ibrahim 
  • Mohamed Nizam
  • Ismail Zumail Rasheed,
  • Mohamed Murad
  • Mohamed Ahsan Saleem.