Funadhoo fuel farm to be moved to Maagiri Falhu

K. Funadhoo.

The cabinet decided on Sunday to move the fuel farm located in the K. Funadhoo to Maagiri Falhu.

In a press briefing regarding the decisions made during Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Abdulla Nazim, the public policy secretary at the President’s Office, told reporters that the Economic Council had decided to assign State Trading Organization (STO) with the task of relocating its fuel farm.

At the launch of a mega project to develop the Velana International Airport (VIA) on January 4, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu announced plans to relocate the fuel storage tanks in Funadhoo.

He said that Funadhoo would be developed as a financial hub, with financial centers, conventions centers and hotels.

He also announced plans to relocate the seaplane terminal in Hulhule’ to another island neighboring Hulhumale’, in order to expand VIA’s capacity.

He said the seaplane terminal, Funadhoo, Male’ City and Hulhule’ will be linked via a bridge, and that a public transport system – including a monorail system – will be established.