STO opens showroom in Hulhumale’

A capture from the inauguration ceremony of STO's new construction showroom in Hulhumale'. (Photo/STO)

State Trading Organization (STO) has opened a showroom specialized for construction in Hulhumale’.

The showroom was inaugurated by Construction Minister Dr. Abdulla Muthalib during a special ceremony held on Tuesday night.

Speaking at the ceremony, STO’s Managing Director Shimad Ibrahim stressed the role of the company’s former managements and board members in carrying forward the company and therefore extended them gratitude.

Situated at the same location as STO’s Hulhumale’ shop – next to STO’s Smart Store near Hulhuamle’ Hospital – the construction solutions showroom was opened following renovations up to modern standards.

STO's managing director Shimad Ibrahim speaks at the inauguration ceremony of STO's new construction showroom in Hulhumale'. (Photo/STO)

STO reports that all construction-related products sold by the company will be available at the showroom including some of the most renowned brands sold by the company; Makita tools, Nippon paint and concrete from prominent mix designing brands among others.

The state-owned company is prominent in the local construction industry as STO’s constructions solutions is the largest importer and seller of construction-related products in the Maldives.

STO noted that customers can now place orders for construction-related products including Makita tools and Nippon paint via the Hulhumale’ showroom which would eliminate the need to travel to Male’ to make the purchases. Arrangements have been made in the showroom to prepare the colors of Nippon paint ordered by the customers on demand.

Henceforth, they attributed the opening of the new showroom as something which would bring easements to the lives of Hulhumale’ residents and construction industry partners operating in the suburb.