EC begins publishing final vote results

Voters cast their ballots in a polling station in Male' during the 2024 parliamentary elections on April 21, 2024. (Sun Photo/Moosa Nadheem)

Elections Commission (EC) on Thursday, began publishing the final voting results of the parliamentary election held last Sunday.

The commission is legally mandated to announce final voting results within seven days from the voting day. EC said it began publishing the final results since none of the ballot boxes required a vote recount.

Earlier, the commission had published preliminary results of the election on Monday evening. According to the preliminary results;

  • PPM - 66 seats
  • MDP - 12 seats
  • Independent Candidates - 11 seats
  • MDA - Two seats
  • Jumhoory Party - One seat
  • MNP - One seat

MPs for a total of 93 constituencies were elected at Sunday's parliamentary election, by over 200,000 eligible voters.

Ruling PNC fielded candidates for 90 seats while MDP contended for 89 seats. This year, 130 candidates contended independently as well.

Additionally, 10 more from Jumhoory Party (JP) and 39 from The Democrats contended in the election. Though JP leader Qasim Ibrahim secured his Maamigili seat, The Democrats failed to secure any.

Similar to this year, the then ruling MDP secured super majority in the previous parliamentary election with a 75% share of the seats, securing 65 constituencies whereas the then opposition PPM/PNC coalition was able to secure just eight seats.