Over 1,900 apply to switch plots to Gulhifalhu

Land reclaimed from Gulhifalhu. (Photo/Minister Muthalib)

Over 1,900 people who were awarded land plots from Giraavarufalhu under the former administration’s ‘Binveriya’ housing scheme have applied to switch their plots to Gulhifalhu.

Housing Ministry, citing inadequate space in Giraavarufalhu to issue the plots as planned by the former administration, opened applications to switch land plots from Giraavarufalhu to Gulhifalhu on April 7th.

The Ministry in a statement said 1,913 recipients applied to switch plots by the expiration of the deadline to submit applications.

As per the ministry, 1,347 plots awarded from Giraavaru will be shifted to Gulhifalhu. The details of said plots are;

•  193 plots - 1,250 square feet

•  663 plots - 1,650 square feet

•  487 plots - 2,050 square feet

•  4 plots - 2,450 square feet

Earlier, the Ministry said the number of applicants requesting to change their plots exceeds the total plots allocated by the ministry for Gulhifalhu, the applicants would be chosen through a draw.

928 recipients and 663 recipients who were awarded plots measuring 1,250 square feet and 1,650 square feet from Giraavarufalhu respectively applied to switch plots. Henceforth, a draw will be held amongst the applicants as the number exceeds the number of available plots for the switch.

213 recipients awarded plots measuring 2,050 square feet and three recipients awarded plots measuring 2,450 square feet from Giraavarufalhu applied to switch plots – not exceeding the number of plots available for the switch.

The previous administration, under its 'Binveriya' housing scheme, awarded 9,003 plots to a total of 18,955 eligible recipients under the first phase. Land will be issued from Gulhifalhu, Giraavaru, and Hulhumale' under the scheme.