Draw among recipients who applied to switch plots to Gulhifalhu slated for Tuesday

90 hectares of land reclaimed from Gulhifalhu. (Photo/Minister Muthalib)

The draw among recipients of land who were awarded plots from Giraavaru Galhu under the former administration’s ‘Binveriya’ housing scheme that applied to switch their plots to Gulhifalhu has been slated for Tuesday.

The incumbent administration, citing lack of space in Giraavaru Falhu, opened applications to switch land plots from Giraavaru Falhu to Gulhifalhu on April 7th.

In the April 7 announcement, the Housing Ministry said 1,347 plots would be switched to Gulhifalhu, including 193 plots of 1,250 square feet, 663 plots of 1,650 square feet, 487 plots of 2,050 square feet and four plots of 2,450 square feet.

The applications closed on April 18.

1,193 applications were received to switch plots during this period, with a high demand for awarded plots measuring 1,250 square feet and 1,650 square feet. However, Housing Ministry opened an additional opportunity to apply to switch plots on May 5th, citing fewer applications for plots measuring 2,050 square feet and 2,450 square feet than available.

Applications rose up to 2,210 following this opportunity. As the number of recipients who applied to switch plots measuring 1,250 square feet and 1,650 square feet exceed availability, a draw will be held among the applicants to decide who will receive the plots.

Housing Ministry said the draw will be held at Dharubaaruge’s Rannabandeyri Maalan on Tuesday at 12:00pm.

They said recipients who wish to personally put their names in the ballot boxes can do so between 9:00am and 10:00am on Tuesday at the same location.


The Ministry has also instructed recipients who cannot attend the draw to appoint a proxy and share their information with the Ministry via ‘Hiyaavehi’ portal.