Ihsaanuddin Rasheed arrested while hiding in Masdhoshige

The police have arrested Ihsaanuddin Rasheed, 30, of G. Masodige while he was hiding in a house called G. Masdhoshige. Ihsaanuddin Rasheed was sought for by the police in relation to an assault incident.

The police said in a statement that they searched Masdhoshige under a court warrant after receiving information that Ihsaanuddin Rasheed was in Masdhoshige, and took him under arrest in that house tonight.

The police launched a search for Ihsaanuddin Rasheed because he was suspected of working in a group to break into a house in Male’ at around 3.30 am on 13 March and assaulting two people who were sleeping in the house.

Ihsaanuddin Rasheed is also suspected of drug-related crimes and several assault incidents.