Five persons expressed interest to contest for post of DRP Deputy Leader: Election Committee

The Election Committee of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has said that five people had expressed interest to contest for the three vacant posts of the party’s Deputy Leader.

The five people are Minister of Economic Development Ahmed Mohamed, Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Ali Solih, DRP Parliamentary Group Members Ali Azim, Rozaina Adam and Mohamed Ramiz.

The party will hold its congress from 23 to 25 April.

The DRP Election Committee has said that 12 people had expressed interest to contest in the election to elect six people from the public to the party’s council.

The 12 people are Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Ahmed Shafeeu, Minister of Education Asim Mohamed, former CEO of TVM Ali Khalid, DRP Secretary General Adam Haleem, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Mohamed Saleem, Interim Council Members Assad Shareef and Dr Hamid Rasheed, Ahmed Nizam, Abdullah Shiyaz, and Abdullah Naseer, Mohamed Faiz and Mohamed Shafeeg.

The DRP Election Committee said that no elections will be held for posts for which only one person had applied, which are President and Vice President of Women’s Wing and Youth Wing, and Member of Behavioural Committee.

DRP has said that 800 to 900 members will attend the congress.