Agreement signed to establish a museum of finance

An agreement has been signed between six groups for the establishment of a museum of finance.

The agreement was signed at the Maldives Finance Forum held by the Pension Office at Kurumba Maldives today, between Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), Ministry of Tourism, Pension Office, Bank of Maldives (BML), Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA) and Allied Insurance.

Speaking to reporters, CEO of the Pension Office Mohamed Hussain Manik said that the funds required to establish the museum had not yet been obtained, but efforts in this regard will commence soon.

He said that the museum of finance will be established in a ‘corner’ of the National Museum, and expressed confidence that the museum would be opened within the next two years.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Adheeb said that the museum will display the financial history of the Maldives.

Discussions were held at the Maldives Finance Forum by local and foreign experts on the financial challenges faced by the Maldives.