Shirhan and Kinaanath arrested on suspicion of attacking Shaifan

The police have provided information on the three people arrested in relation to the stab attack on Mohamed Shaifan, of Male’ Municipality Khaassa Dhaftharu 3912, last Friday night.

Mohamed Shaifan was one of the suspects acquitted by Criminal Court after being tried for the murder of Ali Shifan of M. Fairy Corner.

At a press conference, Chief Superintendent of Police Mohamed Riyaz provided information on the series of attacks that took place in Male’ on 17, 18 and 19 May.

Riyaz said that Shaifan was attacked on 17 May near Maziya Trade on Majeedee Magu, by a group on motorcycles.

One person arrested on suspicion of attacking Shaifan is Mohamed Kinaanath Ahmed, 28, of H. Lobby. Kinaanath was released under the second chance program and is the elder brother of Hussain Humaam Ahmed, who is under arrest on suspicion of killing Dr Afrasheem Ali.

Also arrested on suspicion of attacking Shaifan are Ahmed Shirhan Shameem, 21, of Zaheeramanzil of Meemu Kolhufushi; and Assad Ibrahim Rasheed, 18, of Male’ Dhaftharu.

Riyaz said that several more people are suspected of this crime, and efforts are ongoing to identify them.

He said that Shaifan suffered deep injuries in two places on his back as well as injuries near his backbone due to the stabbing.

In addition to Shaifan, Hussain Ziyad, 19, of Udhdhandige of Seenu Hithadhoo was also stabbed on 17 May. He was attacked near Mahchangolhi Cemetery.

Hussain Ziyad has been released from the hospital after being treated for two stab wounds on his shoulder and one on his back.

Riyaz said that search efforts are ongoing for two suspects in relation to the attack on Hussain Ziyad.

On 18 May, Naseeb Saeed, 18, of Venus Villa of Seenu Feydhoo and Mohamed Azhan Ismail, 21, of M. Iraasmic were attacked at around 15:30 on Haveeree Hingun.

Riyaz said that they were attacked by a group of people on motorcycles, and Naseeb Saeed suffered five stab wounds, while Azhan Ismail suffered two deep stab wounds on his back. Riyaz said that IGMH had informed that they are both in serious condition.

He said that efforts are ongoing to identify the suspects using CCTV footage.

Last night, Usman Shareef, 19, of M. Dhimishg, was attacked in a shop called Home X located on Hithahfinivaa Magu. Usman Shareef is currently being treated in ADK for injuries on his neck and arm. Riyaz said that efforts are ongoing to identify the suspects using CCTV footage.

Riyaz said that prior to the attack on Shaifan, violence took place between gang groups near former Social Centre. He said that this incident is also under investigation.

Riyaz highlighted that the suspects as well as the victims of these crimes have previously been involved in theft, assault and drug crimes.