Parliament to decide tomorrow on issuing order

A motion regarding a report sent to the parliament by the Committee on Oversight of the Government, regarding issuing a parliament order to release housing plots which have been withheld by the Haa Dhaalu Nolhivaram Council to their owners in Nolhivaram, has been put on the agenda of tomorrow’s sitting of the parliament.

A debate will take place tomorrow at the parliament on this issue, after which MPs will vote at 13:30 whether to pass this report. If passed, Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Shahid would have to issue an order to release the housing plots in Nolhivaram.

This debate is the last item on the agenda of tomorrow’s parliament sitting.

The report sent by the committee states that the Ministry of Housing and Environment of the former government had given permission to provide housing plots in the island, in a letter sent in reply to the Upper North Region National Office.

The report states that in addition, a letter sent by the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure in February 2013 to the Haa Dhaalu Atoll Council Office also gives permission to provide the housing plots in Nolhivaram.

Furthermore, the Nolhivaram Court had ruled in September 2012 that the housing plots should be released.

The committee stated in its report that after considering the documents and information provided by persons questioned by the committee in relation to this issue, and based on administrative and civil standards, laws and regulations, there are no obstructions to releasing the 172 housing plots in the island to their rightful owners.

Thus, the six members present at the committee meeting decided unanimously that the parliament should issue an order upon the Nolhivaram Council, and the 172 housing plots should be handed over to their rightful owners within 30 days after the parliament issues the order.

The parliament will also vote tomorrow on extending the period the government acts as a guarantor for a MVR 50 million overdraft facility issued to STELCO by the Bank of Maldives.

MPs at a parliament sitting: A parliament committee has requested the parliament for an order to release 172 housing plots in Nolhivaram --- Photo: Parliament Office