Staff of previous Voice of Maldives and TVM cannot work with MBC: MP Nasheed

Former information minister and the MP of Kulhudhuffushi South Constituency Hon Mohamed Nasheed said that staff of previous Voice of Maldives and Television Maldives (TVM) cannot work with Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), since they are very much politically oriented.

Answering a journalist in a forum organized by the media council yesterday in Nasandura Palace Hotel on the legal structure of Maldivian media, Hon Mohamed Nasheed said that the previous TVM and Voice of Maldives staff started to work together after a lot of hard work done by him while he was the information minister, and the MBC Act was set down to make the corporation formed by the Act to be a State broadcaster cum Public broadcaster. He said that, however the elected board of the corporation started “political soccer”.

Hon Nasheed also said that, it was the reason why he did not come up with the voice asking the government to hand over previous TVM and Voice of Maldives to MBC.

“Everything went right, but due to those who were elected, the whole thing became a political soccer,” said MP Nasheed.

Speaking in yesterday’s forum on the societies working for the betterment of media, MP Nasheed said that finding a solution for the problems in the area would only be possible when the societies started to work together.