Government to sever diplomatic ties with Iran

The Government of Maldives has decided to sever the diplomatic ties with Iran.

Foreign Ministry issued a statement tonight saying that the Maldives believes that the policies of the Iranian government in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region are “detrimental to peace and security in the region, which, in many ways, is also linked to stability, peace and security of the Maldives.”

The Islamic Summit held last month in Turkey called on Iran to pursue a policy based on the principle of “good neighbourliness, non-interference in their domestic affairs, respect for their independence and territorial sovereignty, [and] resolving differences by peaceful means in accordance with OIC and the UN Charters.”

“The Maldives calls on Iran to show more commitment and tangible results in implementing the recommendations of the OIC.” The statement from the Foreign Ministry said.

The Maldives established diplomatic relations with Iran on 2 June 1975.