FM: Generating negative publicity damaging only to Maldivians

Falsifying news to generate negative publicity on Maldives is damaging only to Maldivians, says Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Asim.

Speaking on PSM’s “Khaarijee Siyaasath” show last Friday night, Asim said the deliberate spread of misleading information regarding the situation was detrimental to the country’s foreign affairs.

“This is posing a huge challenge to our work at foreign affairs at the moment. I say this because negative talk in the international community regarding the Maldives has a direct detrimental effect on Maldivians,” said Asim.

Asim said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to put extra effort into clarifying the false and misleading information being spread regarding the country.

He said Maldivian ambassadors were working tirelessly to clarify such false information.

Asim noted that the economy of the Maldives is dependent on the country’s tourism industry, and said the current situation posed a threat to the tourism industry.

Asim also said the current travel advisories issued on Maldives, compared to the travel advisories which were issued in February, proved other country’s confidence in the safety in stability for tourists in Maldives.