Nine women recognized for their service with Rehendhi Award

Aminath Azka Adil (R) one of the recipients of the Rehendhi Award, receives a special brooch from First Lady Fazna Ahmed (L) at the official Women's Day function in K. Maafushi on March 7, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

Nine women and one NGO has been given recognition for their service with the prestigious Rehendhi Award this year.

The award-winners were announced at the official Women’s Day function held at K. Maafushi this Thursday morning.

The award-winners received their shields from President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and their brooches from First Lady Fazna Ahmed.

The award-winners are:

  • Aminath Mohamed: Exceptional Institutional Service

Aminath Mohamed is the country’s first female island chief

  • Aishath Nazima: Social Service

Aishath Nazima is one of the country’s leading sports coaches and a leading advocate for sports development. She has provided over 27 years of service to the field of sports.

  • Mariyam Shifzan: Non-Traditional Roles

Mariyam Shifzan is the country’s first and only female air worthiness technician.

  • Mumina Adam: Social Service

Mumina Adam was awarded for her role in training sportswomen and encouraging women to pursue careers in sports.

  • Aishath Luba: Social Service

Aishath Luba was awarded for her service as an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities

  • Society for Health Education (SHE): Employers Category

Established in 1988, SHE is the country’s leading NGO in health education.

  • Aminath Azka Adil: Non-Traditional Roles

Aminath Azka Adil was awarded for her role as one of the country’s leading swimmers. She recently made Maldivian history by completing a 43 km swim across 23 islands in seven days.

  • Ameena Ali Kaleyfaanu: Economic Service

Ameena Ali Kaleyfaanu one of the country’s leading craftswomen. She is especially known for her embroidery and sewing skills.

  • Aishath Shiruhana: Social Service

Aishath Shiruhana is the Chief Executive Officer of the Diabetic Association – the country’s leading advocacy group for awareness of diabetes and improvement diabetes care across Maldives.

  • Nasreena Ali: Exceptional Institutional Service

Nasreena Ali has received both national and regional recognition for her culinary skills.