Tourism Ministry publishes regulation regarding collection of tourism stats

Tourists converse with a resort representative at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A regulation to collect tourism statistics of the Maldives has been formed and published on the government gazette.

A portal was also formed for the purpose of collecting tourism data.

The regulation published tonight by the Tourism Ministry specifies dates for specific information to be submitted to the portal. The portal is named as “Tourism Information Management System” or TIMS.

Occupancy reports, nationalities of visitors as well as information regarding employees of tourist establishments are to be collected. Information needed to further develop the tourism industry are also to be submitted to the portal when required by the Ministry.

Information related to the tourism industry due to emergency circumstances and the effect of these circumstances on the industry is also to be submitted to the portal. This includes information related to tourists by specific establishments that the Ministry requires within a specific time.

The Ministry will also inform establishments of what information is required by the Ministry during such circumstances.

Records of up to two years must be maintained by the establishments, while safaris are to maintain records in the head offices.

Fines MVR 100 for violation regarding the regulation could be levied for every bed at the establishment. Repeated violations could increase the fines by MVR 250 and MVR 500 per bed. A repeated third violation could see a fine of MVR 1000-100,000 per bed.

Fines have to be paid within seven months to MIRA. If the fines are not paid, the license of the establishment could be suspended by the Ministry.