Reduced price for sale of cement from Maldives-India cargo boat

Maldives-India cargo boat near Kulhudhuffushi city. (Photo/PSM)

The sale of cement supplied through the recently started Maldives-India ferry service has been commenced by State Trading Organization (STGO) at a lower price. 

The cargo boat which travels between Kulhudhuffushi, Maldives, and Kochi, India made its maiden trip to the Maldives on September 26 carrying 500 tons of cement among other supplies. 

STO’s outlet in Kulhudhuffushi will now be selling the cement at a lower rate in comparison with the previous sale of cement. Previously, STO had been selling cement for MVR 106 per sack. Now, the price has been dropped to MVR 90 per sack.

The lower price was due to the lower freight charge of the cargo boat, according to STO. 

STO also added that prices for other items supplied through the cargo boat will also drop in the future. The cargo boat is to be used for the supply of other items that STO usually obtains from India. 

The cargo ferry will make two trips per month, carrying 380 20-feet containers of goods, which has a total of around 3,000 metric tons. 

The government has previously said that the traditionally strong ties between India and Maldives would be even stronger with the commencement of the cargo boat.