With 14 new cases, active Covid cases in Nadella rise to 102

GDh. Nadella. (Photo/Isles)

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in GDh. Nadella have risen to an alarming 105 cases, a little over a week since the island confirmed its first case.

Nadella confirmed its first COVID-19 case on July 13.

Nadella Council president Mohamed Anshau told Sun on Thursday that confirmed cases have since risen to 105.

Three people have recovered, while the remaining 102 are active cases.

“14 new cases were confirmed today,” said Anshau.

The first confirmed case in Nadella was an elderly resident, who was tested at the regional hospital in Thinadhoo after falling ill.

“The individual in question does not regularly travel outside the island. We took immediate action after the case was identified. All contacts were quarantined, and we began testing suspected cases in the island,” said Anshau.

“And then we discovered this had spread within the island. That Nadella was in the midst of a community spread.”

Nine out of ten of the contacts of the first patient tested positive for COVID-19.

Anshau said how the disease spread to Nadella remains a mystery.

Anshau said that the situation in the island is dire, and that the council plans on implementing a full lockdown. He asked for cooperation from residents in order to ensure the restrictions prove successful in controlling the community spread within the island.