Seezan to Parliament after break from film industry

Film star Ali Seezan (R) with President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu (L).

Ali Seezan, one of the most prominent film stars in the Maldives, has decided to take a break from the film industry and enter the political arena.

Seezan announced earlier this month that he is taking his first career break after working in the Dhivehi film industry for many years.

He did not share any further information about his decision to move away from the industry. Seezan also said that he will not be involved in any industry activities during the break.

Seezan told Sun today that the reason he is taking a break from the industry is because he is running for parliament.

Seezan intends to contest the PPM-PNC ticket from the Thulusdhoo constituency.

Many people were talking about his decision to step away from acting and other film-related activities. Seezan noted that he has heard people talking about him possibly being elected to various government positions. However,he said that it is not true and he wants to run for parliament.

“This is something a lot of people, especially the people of Thulusdhoo, were asking me to run for parliament,” Seezan said.

Season has described this as a great opportunity to respond to the requests of many people and to help many people.

The term of the current Members of Parliament expires next year. With that, Seezan will contest the elections when the parliamentary elections begin.

This is not the first time a celebrity has left the film industry and moved to Parliament. Celebrities have switched industries and contested for parliament before as well. Reeko Moosa Manik and Mohamed Abdullah (Mohammaa) are among the celebrities who have worked in the parliament.